サイバーホビー 1/35 WW.II ソビエト軍 T-34/85 Mod.1944 +ソビエト歩兵セット


  • Hand-crafted in the UK from lead-free pewter
  • Kidney Shape Hipflask with Secure Screw Top
  • Engraved with Crest and Motto Over Clan Name
  • Supplied In Lid and Base Gift Box

Plain Kidney Flask Supplied in a lid and base box

Kidney shaped flask, that little secret hidden away from public view, is perhaps one of the great unsung fashion accessories a man can carry. Sure, some might think you’re a lush, but a flask frees you from unscrupulous bartenders, overpriced bar menus and the laborious task of carrying a full bottle of hooch around town.

These specially commissioned flasks made in South Yorkshire, UK by a world-renowned company in metal-working exclusively for the I Luv LTD Clan Range.

What you put in your flask is of equal importance as how you carry the flask, if you change the type of booze you carry rinse it with a little lemon juice occasionally. Never use soap because you’ll never get the residue out of the flask completely, and this will affect the taste of the liquor. It’s as simple as this: rinse it out with hot water when you get home, leave the cap off and let it dry overnight.

Height: 110mm
Width: 85mm
Depth: 25mm

アニメ手作りキャラクターモデルデュエルガンダムアサルトアーマーアクションフィギュアおもちゃギフトグッズ装飾工芸 Z-2020-3-30 LIXIL ネスカ F レギュラー Y合掌24・27-50型 W5114×L5028 標準柱H22 ポリカーボネート屋根材 シャイングレー 広い EPCO Duckpin Bowling ball- Starlineパール – 2ティールボール

Beads Bazar Natural Beautiful jewellery Natural MULTI SAPPHIRE faceted beads,Rondelle beads,Very nice quality, 3 mm to 4 mm Approx,15" strand[E1576] Amazing quality SAPPHIRE beadsCode:- NY-7668 大理石King 1ポンド9 / 16インチ( 14 mm )ビー玉透明クリアガラス 仕分け 輸入アドラベビードール赤ちゃんリアル Adora Baby Doll Pajamas 20 in. Doll Outfit [並行輸入品]

Wild Flowersパターカバー( Personalized )


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