KO 19-0 角型 給食缶 27cm [ 間口:270 x 奥行:270 x H265mm 17.5L ] [ 給食道具 ] | 給食 社食 配膳 飲食店 厨房 レストラン 業務用


  • モデル番号を入力してください これが適合するか確認:
  • Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Offered in several weights, Fast Gold crashes are lighter and open quickly while the Power crashes have a higher pitch, more volume, and a longer decay. Full Creashes options have a fuller response. These cymbals are ideal choice for high volume settings.
  • The Gold series fuses the “old world” warmth of handmade cymbals with the cutting power, projection, and durability desired by drummers playing in contemporary settings.
  • They work great for rock, pop, and other modern styles. Each Gold Series cymbal is buffed to a brilliant finish.
  • Available in 13",14",15",16",17",18",19-inch

Handmade cymbals with a modern sound. Bright, crisp and clean without sounding harsh or brittle. Gold Series fuses the “old world” warmth of handmade cymbals with the cutting power, projection, and durability needed in contemporary settings. Each Gold Series cymbal is completely hand hammered, then buffed to a brilliant finish. The weights of the rides offer maximum response with plenty of projection. The crashes are explosive and cutting, yet warm and musical. The hats offer a clear powerful chick sound with a bright splash. Gold Series is an ideal choice when bold and powerful cymbals are required. Bosphorus Cymbals was established in 1996 by three master cymbal smiths, Hasan Seker, Ibrahim Yakici and Hasan Ozdemir. They are called Masters because they are the most experienced cymbal smiths in Turkey who are still working actively. The founders of Bosphorus were three good friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. Their common thread was being sent to work in a neighborhood cymbal workshop. Their humble beginings included cleaning the workshop and other menial tasks, but in time they were trained in the art of making cymbals. In the early ages of their youth they became cymbal smiths. Their teachers were the masters who manufactured the legendary cymbals of 60’s and 70’s. After 16 years at the same workshop the friends ventured off on their own and established their own company. Today they maintain good relationships with their former employers. The Masters continue to respect their teachers to this day. Bosphorus Cymbals has a strong team of cymbal smiths whom are trained at the Bosphorus Factory and most of them working for the company since day one. The Masters continue to craft in the workshop with their workers, guiding them to create the perfect cymbals with their 38 years of experience.


INBYTE インバイト フラット型ポータブルBS・110°CSアンテナセットSELFSAT OUTDOOR J05TK J05TK Gigabyte Force K85 RGBキーボード 涼しい Dell h313 m

RZLⅠ型 SK30SC-RZLⅠ 鋼板製錆止め塗装蓋付 Lina コンピュータデスク レイジーテーブル デスクトップ ホーム モバイルリフト ベッドデスク シンプル ノートブック折りたたみテーブル ベッドサイドテーブル 60*40cm LINA 使いやすいです Waveshare BLE4.0 Bluetooth NRF51822 Module 2.4G Wireless Communication Module Mother Board Expansion Development Board Kit for Arduino

本棚 引き出し付きの5層の本棚複数のオープンシェルフ収納キャビネットは、オフィス家具の寝室の装飾用に簡単に設置できます コンパクトな多目的棚 (Color : White, Size : 120x50x30cm) Epson式et-3700 Ecoタンクオールインワンプリンタブラックナイロン帯電防止ダストカバーby Compバインドテクノロジーサイズ14.8 " W x 13.7 " D x 7.4 " H " おおきい 少女前線 ドールズフロントライン 日本未発売 中国サーバー1周年記念 特大マウスパッド

コクヨ インクジェット用紙 写真用紙 印画紙原紙 絹目 A4 50枚 KJ-F12A4-50 【まとめ買い10冊セット】 YLSP アメリカのカントリーバースツール、レトロスタイルの産業スタイル、木製のベニヤシート3色の朝食バースツール木製のベンチ、オフィス、キッチン、宴会の椅子 (Color : Gold, Size : 75cm) 耐震性 Philadelphia Philliesバンダナペットカラー – MLB公式byペット最初 – Large


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